Houses and apartments
Apartment complex "Karkashadze's Houses", Odessa
(7 Karkashadze Alley)
A comprehensive package of services was completed, including an interior design project, the implementation of all repair and construction works and a complete set of furniture, appliances, lighting, plumbing and decor
Apartment complex "GRAF", Odessa
(Vice-Admiral Azarova/Morskaya)
Interior design and implementation of all repair and construction works with completion of furniture in the club house Graf
Apartment complex "Karkashadze's Houses", Odessa
(29b French Boulevard/Sportive Lane)
Work on the interior of the apartment, all repair and construction work and furnishing in the apartment complex Karkashadze's Houses
Apartment complex "Prostranstvo", Odessa
The implementation of an eclectic renovation in one of the Spaces on Nedelina.
Our team performed a full range of repair and construction work, with a full kitchen and bathroom: plumbing, kitchen furniture and appliances
Apartment "Costa Fontana", Odessa
Design is one of the elements of a dream home. We completed a range of works from completing the project with lighting, tiles, plumbing fixtures and furniture to the intelligent technology "Smart House"

The light chic that is felt in the decor is also the work of our team creative and imaginative to capture your dream home place come true
Apartment near in the Arcadia, Odessa
Is a bright apartment in a modern style with elements of art deco decoration, for connoisseurs of coziness and comfort. The kitchen is made of high-strength materials, using modern finishes, with the correct layout and functionality of the workspace. A complex of renovation and architectural work was carried out by a team of the best experts in their chosen field.
Apartment complex "Costa Fontana", Odessa
A Three-room apartment for rent on the Black Sea coast in Odessa. Our team has completed the whole range of works with furnishing, lighting, plumbing, tiles, wallpaper. All work is with a complete set and finishing. cleaning was carried out strictly within the time period established with the customer - 3 months completion date.
Apartment complex "Prostranstvo", Odessa
The project "turnkey" with the interior design, implementation of all repair and construction work and integration of furniture, plumbing and appliances

The total area of the apartment - 80.2 m2
Apartment complex "Prostranstvo", Odessa
82a Nedelina St. / Brigadnaya St.
This apartment is in a modern style with clear and simple lines, regular geometric shapes, functionality of interior items, calm colors, a combination of various textures

The total area of the apartment - 56,4 m2

House on Shampanskaya Street, Odessa
Eclectic interior of a private house with elements of Scandinavian style.
Our team performed a full range of repair and construction work and completed the project
Apartment complex "Prostranstvo", Odessa
The modern interior in this apartment provides an abundance of natural light, so the windows are large. The design is discreet and contains only useful interior and decor items. Turnkey repair was completed
House near the Sea, Odessa
A chic project of a private house in Arcadia, for which a full range of work was carried out to create the Atmosphere. The textures of wood and marble were taken as the basis for the interior, and the space was made warmer and more soulful with the help of ethnic details. The hosts' fondness for Thailand was reflected in the oriental mood of the bedroom and matching artwork. It remains only to imagine that the ocean is outside the window. A very beautiful view of natural scenery
Apartment in the center of Odessa
One-room apartment in the city center for a young family who value coziness and want to return home to feel comfort and space. The interior is uncluttered by unnecessary details. Remote object tracking. A full range of works was completed. The interior is based on wood and marble textures, a very eye catching result
Apartment near Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, Kiev
Snow-white apartment with a classic interior style. We completed turnkey repairs: a full-fledged complex of work on the creation of a project and design, the process of repair and installation, selection of materials and furniture before cleaning. Candles, mirrors, flowing shapes and purity of lines are designed to hint at the feminine image of the hostess
Apartment in Odessa
It is a very cozy apartment based on Uyutnaya street - a project in which we made a turnkey renovation. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and even a work area - despite the small space, we fulfilled the wishes of the hostess. In the warm season, bright green trees rustle outside the window, and the pistachio shade in the interior colorfully harmonizes with this Atmosphera

1-room apartment - 45 m2
Our other works
Our passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces has led Atmosphere to commercial real estate. We do not stop ourselves in volume, we move forward to the next upper levels of creating bigger work projects. The portfolio includes restaurants, hotels, offices and shopping centers. Make sure each project is unique
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